Unlock super User orcladmin in OID

The below post describes the steps to Unlock Super User orcladmin in OID on linux server.

If you are not able to login with the user cn=orcladmin and you are getting the following error in the OID logs, then the issue is that, account cn=orcladmin  is in locked state.

ERROR : cn=orcladmin : Your account is locked. Contact your OID administrator.]

In order to fix this issue, we need to unlock super user orcladmin in OID server .

Steps to Unlock super user orcladmin in OID

Login to OID Server

Set the required path variables ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_INSTANCE  as given below,

eg:Export ORACLE_HOME=/u10/app/product/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1

eg: Export ORACLE_INSTANCE=/u10/app/product/Middleware/asinst_1

Navigate to ORACLE_HOME/ldap/bin

Execute the following command   ./oidpasswd connect=OIDDB unlock_su_acct=true

This will unlock super user orcladmin in OID and you can login to OID with cn=orcladmin now.

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