Unable to get the Action Executor WSM-02353

After installing and configuring SOA environment and while starting up the SOA manged server, the managed server was starting in ADMIN mode. In the server logs the error message “Unable to get the Action Executor WSM-02353″ was displayed . Also in the error logs there were errors related OracleSystemUser .

To fix this issue, follow the below steps ,

1. Login to weblogic Console

2. Navigate to secuity realm- > myrealm- > Users and Groups- > Users Tab

3. Create the user OracleSystemUser

oracleystemuser 1024x296 Unable to get the Action Executor WSM 02353






4. Click on Groups and create the group OracleSystemGroup

5. Add the OracleSystemUser to OracleSystemGroup

oraclesystemgroup Unable to get the Action Executor WSM 02353








6. Restart the Admin and SOA Managed servers.

The SOA managed server started in RUNNING mode.

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