setNMProps script overview

Oracle Fusion Middleware Environment details like class path and configuration parameters etc are provided through start up scrips like startWeblogic and setDomainEnv . These scripts needs to be executed when we start the Fusion Middleware environments to set the class path and configuration parameters correctly.

When you start your environment’s using Node Manager, you need to instruct the Node Manager to use these startup scripts so that the server environments are configured correctly. For this, the attribute StartScriptEnabled must be set to true in the file. Hence you need to enable StartScriptEnabled in the file after the environment setup.

To enable this property, execute the script setNMProps script in ORACLE_COMMON_HOME/common/bin/ location .

Follow the below steps to set the StartScriptEnabled parameter in file.


  1. Stop the Node Manager.

If the Node Manager is running , stop the Node Manager .

  1. Execute the setNMProps script

Navigate to <Middleware_HOME>/oracle_common/common/bin

13 setNMProps script overview



You will get the below message after successful execution,

21 setNMProps script overview


The file will be present in the following location:


                 Eg: C:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3\common\nodemanager

If you open the file you can see that StartScriptEnabled is set to true

31 setNMProps script overview


  1. Start the Node Manager and then start the Managed Servers.

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