Run PurgeCache Utility in OIM11GR2

This post explains steps to  run PurgeCache utility in OIM11GR2. If we enabled Caching in OIM and you have changed the system property for which caching is enabled in any other way other than Identity Administration console,then we need to run the purge cache utility .

Prerequisites for running the purge cache utility

Execute the DOMAIN_HOME/bin/ script
The wlfullclient.jar file must be in the classpath

The purgeCache utilty in OIM11GR2 is present in the $ORACLE_HOME/server/bin directory .


Windows : $ORACLE_HOME/server/bin/PurgeCache.bat <Catagory-Name>

Linux : $ORACLE_HOME/server/bin/PurgeCache.bat <Catagory-Name>

Where Catagory-Name is the name of the category that must be purged.

For example, to purget all the ConnectorResourceBundle entries from a system and its clusters execute the below command,

PurgeCache.bat ConnectorResourceBundle ConnectorResourceBundle

To purge all categories from OIM execute the below command

PurgeCache.bat All All

Caching is configured in the /db/oam-config.xml configuration file in MDS . We can find out the complete list of categories enabled for caching  in OIM from this configuration file

Steps to run PurgeCache Utility in OIM11GR2 on Windows

Make sure that prerequisites mentioned above are completed before running the script

Login to OIM Server and navigate to  $ORACLE_HOME/server/bin

set the following environment variables before executing the script,



Snap1 Run PurgeCache Utility in OIM11GR2









To delete all the categories from Cache , execute PurgeCache.bat All


Snap2 Run PurgeCache Utility in OIM11GR2






Enter the OIM Admin user name , Password and service url when prompted.


Snap3 Run PurgeCache Utility in OIM11GR2








The purging status will be displayed in the next screen .


Snap6 Run PurgeCache Utility in OIM11GR2







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