oidpasswd utility

The Oracle Internet Directory Database Password Utility (oidpasswd utility) is used to,

  •    Change the password to the Oracle Internet Directory database.Oracle Internet Directory uses a password when connecting to an Oracle database. The default for this password matches the value you specified during installation for the Oracle Application Server administrator’s password. You can change this password by using the OID Database Password Utility. The steps for changing the password for ODS schema account is explained here : Change ODS password to new value in OIDCreate wallets for the Oracle Internet Directory database password and the Oracle directory replication server password . The steps to create the wallets for Oracle internet Directory database password on clustered environment is explained here :Create wallets for OID database password
  •     Unlock or reset the directory super user account, namely, cn=orcladmin. The steps for oidpasswd utility to unlock the super user account is explained here :Unlock super User orcladmin in OID
  •     Reset an access control point (ACP) so that the subtree is accessible by the Oracle Internet Directory super user.
  •     Manage the restricted super user ACL .

oidpasswd utility syntax

oidpasswd [connect=connect_string] [change_oiddb_pwd=true | create_wallet=true | unlock_su_acct=true| reset_su_password=true | manage_su_acl=true]



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