Install Java connector server

This post explains the steps to install java connector server on Linux server.

Install Java Connector Server

Create an empty directory ( /usr/jconnserv ) on the host where you wish to run the Java connector server.

Copy the connector-framework.jar , the connector-framework-internal.jar , and the groovy-all.jar files into /usr/jconnserv/

Create a new directory called bundles in the above directory you created. This directory will hold the connector jar files.

Unizp  connector-framework-internal.jar file into /usr/jconnserv directory and navigate to org/identityconnectors/framework/server/ in the jar file.

Copy the file from this location to /usr/jconnecserv directory

1 Install Java connector server






Configure Java Connector Server

To see the list of command line options available run the below command ,

java -cp “connector-framework.jar:connector-framework-internal.jar:groovy-all.jar” org.identityconnectors.framework.server.Main

The command usage details will be displayed.

2 1024x147 Install Java connector server


To configure the connector server , execute the below command

java -cp “connector-framework.jar:connector-framework-internal.jar:groovy-all.jar” org.identityconnectors.framework.server.Main -setKey -key abcd -properties

Where -key value is the key for the connector server .

3 1024x35 Install Java connector server

Start Connector Server

Run the below command to start the java connector server.

java -cp “connector-framework.jar:connector-framework-internal.jar:groovy-all.jar” org.identityconnectors.framework.server.Main -run -properties

4 1024x56 Install Java connector server


Java connector server running status will be displayed. The default port for java connector server is 8759. This is specified in the file. You can edit this file if you want to change the default port number.



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