How to generate wlfullclient.jar

This post explains the steps to generate wlfullclient.jar . We need to generate wlfullclient.jar for running the OIM design console.

Steps to Generate wlfullclient.jar

Inroder to generate wlfullclient.jar , make sure that OIM server is installed and configuration is completed successfully.

Login to OIM server and navigate to MW_HOME\wlserver_10.3\server\lib location .

Make sure that JAVA_HOME variable is set on the class path .

Execute the command  java -jar $MW_HOME/modules/com.bea.core.jarbuilder_1.5.0.0.jar .

Wait for some time , you will get message saying wlfullclient.jar generated .

You can find the newly generated wlfullclient.jar in the MW_HOME\wlserver_10.3\server\lib folder .



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