Decrypt weblogic username

This post explains the steps to decrypt weblogic username using the wlst scripts.

Navigate to <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/oracle_common/common/bin .

Execute ./

Decrypt weblogic username1 300x128 Decrypt weblogic username






Set the values for  domain ,service and encryption variables where the value for domain is the path to your weblogic domain

domain = “/opt/fmw/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/soadomain/”

service =

encryption =

Decrypt weblogic username2 300x34 Decrypt weblogic username



In another tab, Navigate to the security (<DOMAIN/servers/AdminServer/security>) folder to copy the encrypted username you want to decrypt.


Decrypt weblogic username3 300x26 Decrypt weblogic username




Decrypt weblogic username4 300x44 Decrypt weblogic username



To decrypt weblogic username  , copy the value for username from the file.

Replace the the value of <encrypted_value> with the copied value from in the below command

print “Weblogic server Admin username: %s” %encryption.decrypt(“<encrypted_value>“)

print “Weblogic server Admin username: %s” %encryption.decrypt(“{AES}AToze8Sc5uK18IAeTc25nboyq5+rY7dt1xHvLKRuIWw=“)

The weblogic username will be displayed.


Decrypt weblogic username5 300x16 Decrypt weblogic username



Steps to decrypt weblogic password explained here .

Similarly you can decrpt any encrypted password in this way .


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