Configure Identity Cloud Service IT Resource in OIM

Configure Identity Cloud Service IT Resource

This post explains the steps to configure Identity Cloud Service IT Resource in OIM

1.Note down the Client ID and Client Secret values from IDCS OIM configuration
2.To generate the customAuthHeaders attribute value required in IDCS IT Resource, concatenate the values of ClientID and ClientSecret from IDCS OIM application in the below format


Generate the base64 encod value of ClientID:ClientSecret value

3.Login to OIM Admin Console and Click on IT Resource and enter Identity Cloud Services and IT Resource Type and click Search
4.In the next page, Edit Identity Cloud Services IT resource and enter the below values.

acceptType : application/json
authenticationServerUrl: <Oracle Identity Cloud Service URL>/oauth2/v1/token
baseURI : /admin/v1
contentType : application/json
customAuthHeaders: “Authorization=Basic <base64 encode of ClientID:ClientSecret>”
host: Oracle Identity Cloud hostname
port: 443
scope: urn:opc:idm:__myscopes__
sslEnabled: true
username: Enter the username . This user should be part of the UserAdministrator group in Identity domain.
Password: Password of the user.

5.Click on Update to Save the connector details.

Configure Identity Cloud Service IT Resource1 1024x379 Configure Identity Cloud Service IT Resource in OIM









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