Change ODS password to new value in OID

The default database schema account created for Oracle Internet Directory is ODS account. The password for this will be configured while running the rcu .   If you want to change ODS password to a new value in OID , follow the below steps.

Steps to change ODS password


eg:Export ORACLE_HOME=/u10/app/product/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1

Set ORACLE_INSTANCE to asinst_home

eg: Export ORACLE_INSTANCE=/u10/app/product/Middleware/asinst_1

Shutdown OID using opmnctl stopall 

Login to OID database with sys or system account and change password for ODS schema account .

SQL> alter user ODS identified by <New_PASSWORD>

eg: alter user ODS identified by Welcome1

Login to OID server and  execute the below command

    ORACLE_HOME/ldap/bin/oidpasswd connect=OIDDB change_oiddb_pwd=true  

Enter the old and new password when prompted.

This will change ODS password to the new value and will update password  in the wallet file ($ORACLE_INSTANCE/OID/admin/oidpwdXXXX)

If you have multiple OID instance running , then copy the wallet file($ORACLE_INSTANCE/OID/admin/oidpwdXXXX) to all the OID instances from


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