java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cipher not initialized

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cipher not initialized

If you are getting the error “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cipher not initialized” during the weblogic startup after importing the client certificates to keystores ,follow the below steps to fix this.

By default parameter is set to false. If is set to false, then weblogic will be use the default JCE providers configured with JDK. Continue reading

Weblogic 10.3.6 Installation steps on Linux

The following post describes the steps for weblogic 10.3.6 installation steps on Linux server.

As the first step , download the sofware from Oracle site and copy it to a temporary location in the server .


Before executing the Weblogic 10.3.6 installation steps make sure that java is installed on the server. Also set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

For Installation instructions for Oracle JRockit JDK on Linux server click on : Oracle JRockit JDK Installation steps

installation steps

Login to the server .Using the terminal , navigate to the location where wls1036_generic.jar present .

Execute  $ java –jar wls1036_generic.jar ( If JAVA_HOME is not set then execute :$(JAVA_HOME)/bin/java –jar wls1036_generic.jar )

The Welcome screen will be displayed. Click on Next to continue

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