oimbulkload utility in OIM11GR2

If you want to load large number of data into OIM, you can use the oimbulkload utility provided by OIM to automate these tasks. Using the oimbulkload utility we can load the data like OIM users, accounts allocated (provisioned) to OIM Users, roles, role hierarchies, role memberships, or role categories .

Data can be loaded to use OIM after the installation or in an already running environment. When running the utility to load users to OIM, a dummy password will be copied to users and hence when they login for the first time, password change will be enforced.

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Determine OIM11GR2 Server Version and patch levels applied

This post explains steps to determine OIM11GR2 server version and patch levels applied.

Oracle Fusion Middleware product installation comes up with a utility called Opatch utility which can be used for finding the product version or the patch levels applied on the installation. OPatch is a Java based utility used to patch Oracle products that utilize the Oracle Universal Installer. Opatch is included in most of the fusion middleware product installs and it will be present under the ORACLE_HOME/OPatch location.

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