Install Java connector server

This post explains the steps to install java connector server on Linux server.

Install Java Connector Server

Create an empty directory ( /usr/jconnserv ) on the host where you wish to run the Java connector server.

Copy the connector-framework.jar , the connector-framework-internal.jar , and the groovy-all.jar files into /usr/jconnserv/

Create a new directory called bundles in the above directory you created. This directory will hold the connector jar files.

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Oracle JRockit JDK installation

Follow the below steps for Oracle JRockit JDK Installation steps on Linux server .

To start with download  Oracle JRockit JDK from Oracle JDK software from Oracle Site and copy it to a temporary location in the server .

Oracle JRockit JDK Installation Steps

Login to Linux Server and and navigate to the location where the software is copied.

Execute ./jrockit-jdk1.6.0_31-R28.2.3-4.1.0-linux-x64.bin command

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